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Numerous Designs and Theme Collections.
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Banners are made to mount on light-poles using bracket systems.  Made in various sizes in polyester, and nylon.  Available single-side or double-side.  Size 2'x6'.

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#1  Dye-Printed  Polyester Fabric
Series  Avenue Light-Pole Banners

      (Follow the above link for more information and access to placing an order.)
Assorted Designs and Color Combinations

Vertical Stripes       Diagonal Stripes       Bursts       Swirls       Vertical Stripes w/Designs


#2  Dye-Printed Polyster Fabric
Seasonal Avenue Light-Pole  Banners
            (Follow the above link for more information and access to placing an order.)

Five Collections of Stock Designs Printed on Heavy 600 Denier Polyester,
Double-Side, 24"x48", Brilliant Color

    Spring     Summer     Winter     Fall     Seasons Greetings


More designs available.   Highly visible 24"x48" size.  600 Denier Heavy Duty Polyester.

These banners can be customized with Your Name or Message  printed in
your choice of locations in the layout.


Photos of Seasons Greetings banner group in production.

#3  Printed Theme Avenue  Light-Pole Banners
          (Follow the above link for more information and access to placing an order.)

Numerous Colorful Stock Designs Printed on 600 Denier Polyester
Seasonal        Themed        Geometric       Sale       Welcome       Welcome Center
Most Can be Customized with Your Name.

More designs available.


Stars & Bars US Flag Avenue Banners can be purchased at internet store:



#4  Nylon Solid Color or Striped  Avenue Banners
(Follow the above link for more information and access to placing an order.)

Nylon Solid Colors          Nylon Striped Vertical

Available in two sizes 2'x6' and 2 1/2' x8' in numerous colors.
Available in quantity for trade printing.

Or Customize!!!

Either choose one of our designs, and add custom elements.
Or, if you have your own design concept, submit your specific layout for a quote.
Pricing for your custom design avenue banner
 is very similar to pricing shown for our stock designs.




These deluxe aluminum avenue pole brackets are perfect for displaying street banners.  Brackets are available with single or double aluminum arms with caps.  These systems are available in both single and double banner displays. Mounting units include stainless steel strap bands with threaded tightening assembly.  A 24" length banner arm is appropriate for use with a 24" Soljet Avenue Light-Pole Banner.


U-Bolts for square poles available as a substitute for steel bands. Available in 4", 5" and 6" sizes.

For square poles: Every bracket will require two u-bolts per bracket to replace the two steel banding straps supplied for round poles.



Screen printed avenue banner.

This is an example of a Stripe Color nylon avenue banner with appliqué.

Nylon sewn and appliquéd light pole banners.

Pole hem with leather attachment tab.


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