Nylon Outrigger Banners
Single-Side or Double-Side Construction

Banners Made to Hang From Outrigger Poles Mounted on a Building Face

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Methods and Materials

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Available Options

Common Sizes (in feet)

4 x 6
5 x 8
5 x 10
6 x 10
6 x 12
8 x 10

8 x 12
10 x 12
10 x 15
10 x 18
12 x 18

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Photographs of Outrigger Banners in Main Gallery

Link:  ISO Outrigger Banners - Printed

 Link: Printed Custom Outrigger Banners

Grommet Patch and Non-Tangle Rod Patch


Suggestion:  When ordering a non-tangle rod make sure that the flag or banner purchased  is supplied with a non-tangle rod patch. The patch is multi-layered and ensures that the clamp will have a good hold and not tear the fabric. If you purchase  flags or banners from us, we can supply them with non-tangle rod patches for a modest additional charge. The non-tangle rod patch will be positioned according to the length of the rod used.

 A grommet patch can be used with most outrigger flags or banners and is suggested for use where it is possible to connect a tension cord from the patch to a tie-off point on the building surface. The extra layers of the patch will prevent the grommet from coming loose under stress.  A grommet patch is used in lieu of a building tie-down. (See Outrigger Banner diagram above).

Sand Pocket


Suggestion:  A sand pocket is intended to keep the flag or banner straight and weighted-down. Is is used in conjunction with a building tie down and  grommet patch. Cost is determined by the size of the sand pocket.  Sand my be added on location to reduce shipping costs.

Accessories: Non-Tangle Rod

Non-Tangle Rod
Available in
2 1/2', 4', 6', and 7'
Prevents flag from wrapping around outrigger style poles. The bronze clamp is attached to the bottom side of the flag or banner.  The ring and hook attach to the halyard roping. To purchase
 non-tangle rods:

Suggestion: When using a non-tangle rod always be sure that the the flag or banner has a non-tangle rod patch sewn on to strengthen the area where the clamp is attached. This will prevent premature wear of the flag or banner.

Homesteader 10' Outrigger Poles

These high quality 10' outrigger poles can be wall mounted to display your flag or banner at a 30 degree or 45 degree angle. Standard  fittings include: 3" gold anodized aluminum ball ornament, cast aluminum truck with pulley, 30" solid braided polypropylene halyard (rope) with 2 nylon flag snaps, cast nylon rope cleat with mounting screws, 30 degree or 45 degree mounting bracket (mounting hardware not included). The pole consists of two sections with a 2" butt diameter. This item can be shipped by UPS.

10' Outrigger Set (flag not included)

Outrigger Bracket Only: 

You can purchase these items
online at our Internet Flag Store!

Additional Accessories and Related Items

Halyard Roping     Snap Hooks    Nylon Cable Ties     Stretch Cords

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