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Diagram Below:
Self-Standing Banner System - Traditional Component Diagram

Components Needed

Item Sizes (Poles, Crossbars, Stands)

Banner Display Stands and Display Systems

Tripod Stand Shown Available in 3 Sizes   24"x48"  24"x60"  24"x70"

Swing Stand  (One Size)

Needed for a
Traditional Self-Standing Banner Pole Setup

Two-Pole Setup with Crossbar:  Banner assemblies require two vertical poles, two ornaments for the top of the poles, two floor stands, one crossbar with acorn ends or finials, and  two hook and eye combinations  (to attach crossbar to vertical pole).

Vertical One-Pole Setup:  Banner assemblies require one vertical pole, ornament for the top of the pole, one crossbar with acorn ends or finials, one floor stand, and one hook and eye combination (to attach crossbar to vertical pole). Cord and tassel set will help stabilize crossbar when attached from top of pole to both ends of crossbar.

Recommended Two-Pole Traditional Set-Up for
4' Wide Banner

Maximum Width of banner 48"
Recommended size of banner either 4'x5' or 4'x6' in Vertical Portrait Format

TradSelfStand4w6h Set    or   TradSelfStand4w7h Set

Items Required for Setup:
Two 6' or 7'  Oak 1" Diameter Display Poles (61W or 71W)
Two Victorian Tripod 1" Diameter Stands - Gilt Finish, Cast Iron
Two Sets of Hook & Eyes - Brass
One 4' Fancy Oak 1" Diameter Crossbar w/ Acorn Ends
Two Gold Styrene Round 8 1/4" Spear Ornaments for Pole

TradSelfStand4w6h Set - $275.00 ea.  (6'  Ft. Pole 61W)

TradSelfStand4w7h Set - $285.00 ea.  (7' Ft. Pole 71W)

Plus UPS shipping

PURCHASE  traditional self-standing banner pole sets at our

Internet Flag Store

Oak Pole Sizes

6'     7'     8'     9'

Crossbar Lengths

6'          8'

Gold or Gilt Floor Stands

10 lb           18 lb


Brass Banner Hook & Eye for attaching crossbar to vertical pole. Screws not included. Hook is screwed on to pole, eye is screwed onto crossbar.

You can make an immediate online purchase of this item
right now at our Stockroom Flag Store!

See our Poles & Accessories section for more details.

After reviewing our website, if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via email, phone, or fax.

Also see our sections on Basic Construction Shapes
and Banner Display Systems.

Photographs of Self Standing Banners in Main Gallery

Diagram: Traditional Two-Pole Setup with Crossbar



Banner Display Stands and Display Systems
Tripod Banner Stand or Swing Stand

Tripod Banner Stand

This lightweight display is available in three sizes to hold  different sized banners with grommets. 

With its professionally finished appearance and quick setup, this display makes a great addition
 to any tradeshow exhibit.

Available in 3 Sizes
24" x 48"        24" x 60"        24" x 70"


  • Lightweight fiberglass and plastic construction

  • Weighs just 3 pounds!

  • Portable - sets up in seconds!
  • Free carrying case!

    You can make an immediate online purchase of these Tripod Stands
    at our Internet Flag Store!



Swing Stand

This stylish banner stand assembles in minutes without tools.
Uprights telescope from 48" to 90" high. 
14" square heavy metal base with spring button lock for solid structural support. Holds one banner 24" wide.
Requires grommets at 3" and 21" on the top of the banner. 
Carrying case not available.

Flag not included.

You can place an online order for these stands at our
Internet Flag Store.


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