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How to Use This Site
Step-by-Step Guide to Obtain a Quotation

Feel free to jump around our site,
 or start below.
(Remember that you can print this page
and have a handy reference to move around our site.)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this site
or receiving a quote..
(After reviewing your quote request,
we will prepare a quote and respond to you promptly.)
 Phone: 845-246-7700.
Fax: 845-246-7786

General Information

Custom flags and banners are made to order and may vary in price from item to item. Price confirmation is available by quotation.

 To get started, follow the step links below:

Step 1     Step 2     Step 3     Step 4
Step 5     Step 6    

When you are ready to obtain a quote for custom items, you may download our quotation request form, which you can fax to us for a prompt response.

We are happy to communicate with you via phone, fax, or email.

Custom Flags & Banners
Step by Step Guide to Obtain a Quotation

Step 1

Print our our A Checklist of Things to Consider.   
This is a list of construction and related items that you should consider in relation to your project.

NEW!    We suggest that you download a
Full-Color PDF Product Information Sheet
for a
specific product group or method. For example, if you know you want to make a banner to place on a wall, you would download the PDF info sheet on "Wall Banners".  To do so,  please access the following download page:
Product Information Sheets Download Page

After reviewing our info sheets, you are now ready to adapt our capabilities  to your specific project:

If applicable, take a look at our Project Starters and Basic Construction Shapes section for design ideas. 

If you have an existing layout which you would like to have made into a flag or banner, you might bypass this step.



Project Starters: Check out the our sample designs for

Fire Companies, Police Departments,
Religious Groups,

General Emblems, Mascots,
Musical Symbols,

Shapes, and Letter Styles.


Step 2

Check our home page for links to information on a specific product you're interested in. 

Look in the Production Method Link Box Categories
Custom Sewn & Appliquéd,
Printed Dye-Sublimation,
 Printed Solvent Ink,
Digital Direct Printed,
Screen Printed,

 and then pick a specific product type
such as
Flags & Banners, Podium Banners, Marching Banners, Table Banners, Golf Flags, etc.


For example, choose the Outdoor Flags & Banners link in the
Sewn & Appliquéd
method category box. 
Upon choosing the link, it will bring you directly to the information and diagrams for that product type.


Step 3

Flag Shape, Banner Shape?
Single-Reverse, Double-Side?

Choose a specific construction style for a specific product
such as a
Double-Side Flag.


Consult the Construction Diagrams section for more information
and illustrated diagrams.
Attention Color Flags
Avenue Banners
Flags & Banners
Golf or Small Flags
Hanging Extra-Large Banners
Outrigger Banners
Parade or Marching Banners
 Pennants & Burgees
Podium Banners
Sashes and Armbands
Self-Standing Banners
Street Banners
Table Banners
Wall Banners
Wind Dancers

Step 4

Choose a material. We use the finest materials appropriate to produce a product. If you have questions in this regard, consult with us.

Nylon, Vinyl, Polyester?  Indoor or outdoor?  We have many materials available.
Consult the Materials & Substrates section
for more information.
Also see:  Nylon Colors for Flags & Banners.  
There are numerous nylon fabric colors to choose from. These are noted by Color Name and Pantone Numbers.

Step 5

Prepare a quotation request.
(This is simple and easy to do.)

We need to know:
What product do you need?
How would you use it?
What material?
What size? What color?
Copy? Design or logo?
 Layout available?

Write down the information,
then fax us, e-mail us or call.


See the guidelines in the Requesting a Quote section.
From there you can download our quotation request form for custom-made flags and banners and fax us the completed form.
You may want to include digital artwork or files. 
If so, consult the Preparing Artwork & Files section.

Step 6

Submit the quotation request.
E-mail a quote request to: quotes@aristaflag.com

You can fax a quote request to:

Our phone number is 845-246-7700.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this process.
 After reviewing your information and layout, we will prepare a quote and respond to you promptly.
 Phone: 845-246-7700.


Stock Flags & Other Items

To obtain a quote for our stock flags, poles, and general merchandise, refer to the Stock Flags section or the Flag Poles & Flag Accessories section for more information.  You can submit the quote by filling out our simple general merchandise quotation request form.

How to Request a Quote

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