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Flags of specific interest        Marching Banners

General Interest

General interest:
Flags of the Confederacy Website:
This is a site devoted to the flags of the government and armed forces of the Confederate States of America.

General Interest: War Flag website: Military Miniatures and Flags
An internet Service Site for War Gamers providing information  and illustrations of war flags throughout history, especially European History.


Heraldry: Heraldry links:
This is a site with numerous links concerning heraldry, including Heraldic Media, International Civic Arms, Royal Genealogy, and flags of numerous types and time periods.

International Civic Heraldry: Civic Heraldry Website:
This site is completely devoted to civic heraldry, i.e., coats if arms of countries, states, provinces, towns, villages, etc. The site is not restricted to any country.  There is no data on coats of arms of families, individuals, or genealogical data.

Related Products

Related Product: Equipment for Soccer, Football, Track & Field, Band Equipment:
This is a extensive site distributing a wide selection of band sports equipment and related items. Catalogs available.

Nylon and Fabric Related



Resource: Book Title: Eyewitness - Flag
An informative look at the history and meaning of flags. A book you can purchase. (Eyewitness Books), Author: William Crampton, Martin Plomer, Will Giles, Manufacturer: DK Publishing
Resource: Information Related to Flags and banners: THE FLAG INSTITUTE
The Flag Institute is one of the world's main research and documentation centers for flags and Vexillology. It collects and provides all kinds of flag information, from past and present, from all over the world. New designs for Bahrain, Afghanistan, Comoros, Rwanda presented. World Flag Database.

Resource: Information Related to Flags and banners: Where can I find more information on the web?
North American Vexillology Association
This page contains links to other Internet sites related to flags. Lists Flag Organizations as well as the International Congresses of Vexillology.

Resource:   Flag Etiquette for Corporate Use E-book
Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette
What to know about the flag in front of your office building, in meetings, with international guests and more. This book was written for the corporate mindset, a right to the point, ready reference book.

Specific Flags of Interest

Specific Interest: The Authentic Earth Flag Website:
Information concerning the Earth Flag including printable 8 1/2"x11" copy of flag.

Specific Interest: The First Navy Jack Website: Focus on First Navy Jack
Site devoted to The First Navy jack used by the Continental Navy in 1775 and presently used again by the U.S. Navy in the War on Terrorism.  Presents information concerning the history of the flag, recommendation on where to find flags, shirts, sticker, etc. Site also provides free Navy Jack flag clip art and downloads.

Specific Interest: Gadsden Flag Information Website: Devoted to Gadsden Flag:
Site devoted to the the Gadsden Flag, "Don't Tread on Me", concerning the history of the flag, recommendation on where to find flags, shirts, sticker, etc. Site also provides free Gadsden flag clip art and downloads.


Specific Interest: UN Emblem and Flag: UN Organization Website:
UN Official Emblem and Colors - Information  concerning description, symbolism, use of emblem. Information concerning date, description use of UN Flag.

Marching Banners

Specific Interest: Organizations

Bands of America/Music for All
Drum Corps Associates
Drum Corps International
Small Drum Corps Association
Winter Guard International
California Band Directors Association
Mid-States Band Association
Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association


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