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Materials & Substrates
for Custom-made and Stock Banners and Flags
What's best for you??
Appearance, Use, Durability, Cost.

If you have  questions, please give us a call. 
Don't be confused, we can help:
We can suggest the appropriate material to use for your project.

Material samples are available by request.  You can request sample swatches electronically by email or by using the online request form

 Please note that we supply a maximum of 6 material swatches unless you have placed an order and require additional samples for color verification.

Nylon:  Dupont type 66 nylon material is used to manufacture flags and banners.  Available in 200 denier (over 70 colors) and 400 denier (limited colors).  Standard 60" wide woven fabric treated for colorfastness. 

Nylon material is the industry standard for
sewn and appliquéd flags and banners, as well as for those that are screen-printed.

See a nylon color chart for available colors.  We sell nylon by the yard to accommodate your craft project. 

To purchase nylon in small quantities (1 yard, 3 yards, 6 yards, 10 yards and larger quantities):
 Purchase nylon fabric: Nylon Fabric

Recommended use: Flags and Banners of All kinds,  Arm Bands, Parade Sashes

Special Characteristics: Hand and Weight, Fly-Ability, Colorfastness, extensive Color Choice, Economical Price

Multi-Layered Scrim Vinyl:  Available in gloss or  matte finish indoor/outdoor tear-resistant polyester multi-layered scrim sandwiched between 2 PVC layers.  These are premium products that deliver high opacity to block distracting back light and shadows. Use outdoors for up to 8 months* with pigmented ink, 3 years plus when printed with solvent ink on our heat-assisted Solvent Ink Printers.   Material can  be hemmed, or for extra strength add nylon borders. We print on these materials with piezo large format inkjet printers using pigmented ink or Soljet heat-assisted Solvent Ink printers.  Maximum width of material available is 60". We use 13  oz. scrim vinyl.

Specific Scrim Vinyl:  Sansuy Sanlux Premier Gloss or Matte Vinyl Highly recommended for stock vinyl banners.

Recommended use: Stock Banners, Avenue  Banners, Wall Banners, Poster Banners, Podium Banners, Poster Banners, Bannerettes, Street Banners, Table Skirt or Table Banner, Parade Sashes, Arm Bands

Special Characteristics: Strength and Body, Economical

Polyester:  100% Polyester is a woven fabric that is an excellent choice for digital printing using  the dye-sublimation method.

 Available in several finishes and weights.  We stock 250 denier and 450 denier Dacron, and 2 Ply Spun Polyster. Many other fabrics are available by special order, including fabrics with poplin, satin or mesh weaves. The different fabrics have different characteristics regarding opacity, texture and hand, increasing choice and appropriateness to a given product. Acid-dyed flags and banners can also be printed on polyester.

To see a sample of inkjet output on this Polyester Material printed using the dye-sublimation process.

Recommended use: Flags,  Seals and Logo Appliqués, Ave Banners, Table Banners, Podium Banners, Parade Sashes, Wall and Display Banners

Special Characteristics: Dye-Sublimation Compatible, Hand and Body, Economical price





Suggestion:  To get a sense of the appearance of the various materials, we suggest viewing the numerous different types of banners and flags in our photo galleries.

Note:  Based on material manufacturer's information and our own experience with samples made and placed in our outdoor display area.  References to time do not mean deterioration of the product, but are references to color fastness relative to light exposure (fading).  Your experience may be much better due to location.  Placed inside, these materials may last indefinitely.

We in actual production using different  printers and methods as the materials become available.
If you have any questions about a specific material we are not showing, please contact us.

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