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Nylon Colors
Nylon Flag & Banner  Fabric
Material For Sale
60" Nylon Fabric

Dupont type 66 nylon material. 200 denier. 60" wide by length.

Select this link To Purchase:  Nylon Fabric

Click To View Nylon Swatch Color Chart:  Color Card

Please note that the colors listed below are approximations.
To see actual color samples, you can request swatches using our online
request form.  Please note that we supply a maximum of 6 material swatches unless you have placed an order and require additional samples for color verification.

Colors include Pantone Matching System color codes.

In many cases, it is useful to use nylon pre-dyed goods as a target for dye sublimation spot colors. 
We do not guarantee that we can match the colors exactly, but we often come reasonably close to the specific nylon color.   This is often useful when making combination flags or banners (nylon sewn with dye sublimation emblem).

Smaller Quantity Orders
We sell nylon by the yard in small quantities for people who like to make their own flags or banners. 
Sold 60" wide by length.
 One fabric yard size is 60" x 36".

1 yard - $15.00/yard
3 yards - $14.00/yard
6 yards - $13.50/yard
10 yards - $13.00/yard
15 yards - $12.00/yard
25 yards of one color @ $11.00/yard
The above smaller quantities can be ordered through our e-Store:

New!    Nylon sold by the Lb.   1 lb or 3 lbs
Cut pieces.  Assorted colors. Various cut random sizes. Cut pieces represent the actual fabric surplus that results in flag production. This is the same 200 denier colorfast nylon fabric used to make our quality flag and banner products. The pieces are scissor-cut, mostly non-selvage and unhemmed.  This material is ideal for embroidery and appliques.

Select this link To Purchase:  Nylon Fabric

Larger Quantity Orders
30 yards of one color @ $10.80/yard
35 yards of one color @ $10.50/yard
40 yards of one color @ $10.25/yard
60 yards of one color @ $10.00/yard
75 yards of one color @ @ $9.5/yard
The above larger quantities can be ordered by contacting us.

UPS shipping additional.

For larger quantities greater than 75 yards  which cannot be ordered directly through our e-Store, please contact us. We will issue a Sales Order showing cost, and fax the Sales Order and Credit Card Authorization form to you.
We would need your Zip Code in order to figure UPS shipping
cost via UPS ground.

 From the mill, nylon is available in 125 yd bolts.

We can provide fax Quote or Sales Order.

NEW!   If you would like to download a Full-Color
PDF Product Information Sheet

illustrating our nylon fabric,   please access the following download page:

Nylon Fabric Info Sheet

Dupont type 66 nylon material is used to manufacture flags and banners.  Available in 200 denier (over 70 colors) and 400 denier (limited colors).  Standard 60" wide woven fabric treated for colorfastness.  Nylon material is the industry standard for sewn and appliquéd flags and banners, as well as for those that are screen-printed.

Please note that the color of a specific swatch will vary from monitor to monitor. We have colored the swatches using CorelDraw, assigning the specific PMS number identified by the fabric converter for the dyed color. We cannot guarantee that the color appears on your monitor exactly as intended by the fabric converter. Please refer to the Pantone Color Bridge swatch cards for further color verification.

How to Request a Quote

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