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Preparing Digital Artwork &
Submitting Files
For All Methods of Production

Step 1 - Prepare Sketch
Step 2 - Prepare Digital Files
Step 3 - Quality
Step 4 - Submit Layout & Files
Using CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator

Consider This About Sewing
Additional Charges

Please follow these guidelines when preparing art for submission.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (845) 246-7700, or email us at sales@aristaflag.com.

Remember, although JPEG files are useful for showing us your layout, they are inappropriate as production files. They will not produce adequate results when enlarged to the full size needed to print your job.

Step 1

Prepare a rough sketch or printout of your layout.

The sketch should indicate position and relative size of letters and logo.  Make margin notes regarding colors or special instructions.  Please do this even if you are supplying a digital layout.

Step 2

Always prepare a digital file of your layout.

Today, many people submit digital files to us containing their computer generated layouts for processing in their job.  Please refer to the table below to review the specific file requirements for each method or type of job.  Send us your file in the prepared appropriate format as noted.  If you have any questions regarding the program you are using, the format, or file extensions, call us for clarification.

If you submit a finished layout on paper, and do not send a digital file that can be converted by our programs, we will either scan your layout as is and convert it for use with our signage programs, or use it as a guide for producing our own matching layout.

Vector outline files are better suited to our methods of production. They result in better edge resolution and color control. They are easily scaled and transmitted through the internet.

Think about hemming allowance:
Remember to think in terms of active print area (or sew area if sewn and appliquéd)  and the bounding area which would be the hemming allowance. In general terms think of 1" as a standard hem allowance for  1/4" double-needle hem and 3" for pole hems.  Call us for specific clarifications. In most instances we can control the necessary adjustments when processing or converting the files to use with specific printing systems.

Type of Job
Art & Files Required
Sewn & Appliquéd

Vector (outline) digital file for conversion
(eps, ai, cmx, cdr, fs, dxf)

Black & white laser print for scanning

Dye Sublimation
Large-format Direct Print
Digital Printing with Solvent Ink

Bitmap image
(bmp, tiff, eps, psd, onx, ps)

Vector (outline) digital file for conversion
(eps, ai, cmx, cdr, fs)

Black & white or color print for scanning

Digital Thermal Printing Bitmap image
(bmp, tiff, eps, plt, psd, onx, ps)

Vector (outline) digital file for conversion
(eps, ai, .cmx, cdr, plt, fs, dxf)

Black & white or color print for scanning
Screen Printed Vector (outline) digital file for conversion
(eps, ai, .cmx, cdr, plt, fs, dxf)

Black & white laser print for scanning

Other photo positives, with or without separations

Step 3

Send the best quality you can.

Whether you send a digital file of your computer generated layout,
a final paper print of your layout,
or components such as a logo or type for scanning,
please remember that quality is critical.

  • If you are sending a digital file, please be sure that the size of the file is adequate.  Call us for clarification. 100 -200 dpi at full size for large size output.

  • For laser prints, a 600 or 1200 DPI paper print is best.  Send black on white, no grayscale, no color.

  • For color inkjet prints to be used for digital printing, a 600 or 1200 DPI (or higher) print is best.  We will scan your color inkjet print at the appropriate resolution for sized output.

  • You can submit photographs for scanning in regular 4" x 6" but we recommend 8" x 10".

  • Please note that our bed scanners support sizes up to 8.5" x 14".

Step 4

Submit your layout art & digital files for review.

We Accept the Following Media & File Formats

  • IBM and MAC 3.5" Floppy

  • IBM and MAC Zip Disk

  • Files on CD

  • Gerber Advantage: plt, cmx

  • Amiable Flexisign: fs, cdr, ps, eps, dxf, pcd

  • Onyx Postershop: onx, tiff, jpg, bmp, ps, eps

  • CorelDraw: cdr, cmx

  • Adobe Illustrator: ai, eps

  • Adobe Photoshop: psd

Note:  Please include all files that are needed. Save each job as a separate file.

When necessary, in the appropriate program, convert all text and objects to outlines.
This is important because by converting to outlines you do not have to send the fonts embedded in the art file.
When it is necessary to send fonts, in addition to the art file, you may conveniently send True Fonts to us via email. 
We can use True Fonts for type setting if required.

CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator are vector-based illustration programs that can create files that are compatible with our special signage programs. To avoid problems in conversion, remember to first select all objects and text, then convert to outlines or curves.  If you are unsure about how to do this, please follow the instructions below.

When using
CorelDraw, please use the Select All command under the Edit menu to select all objects and text, then click on the Convert To Curves command under the Arrange menu (or press CTRL + Q).  In Adobe Illustrator, use the Select All command under the Edit menu to select all objects and text, then select the Create Outlines command under the Type menu.

After converting, please save the file in CorelDraw as either a .cmx or .cdr file. In Adobe Illustrator, save the file as either an .eps or an .ai file. 
If you have any questions in this regard, call us for clarification. The resulting saved files can be conveniently emailed to us.

When you place an order for a Sewn and Appliquéd flag or banner, consider this:

Think of your artwork as a wire-frame image showing the outlines of logos and letters; these outlines are the stitching lines we follow when sewing.

The vector-based signage programs that we use at Arista Flag produce large full-size patterns upon which the outlines of logos and letters are illustrated. We use these large full-size patterns as stencils to mark the fabric. Our highly skilled sewing machine operators then follow the stenciled outlines as stitching lines.

If you are ordering a sewn flag or banner, unless a dye-sub print is to be combined with sewn and appliquéd, please avoid sending bitmap files.  Bitmap files intended for non-digital output must be digitally traced, or printed and digitally scanned. Loss of shape, size, and image integrity can result.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us.

Additional Charges for Artwork,
Digital Conversion, or Re-Work

Since most jobs require layout development and verification, we attempt to include these costs in the basic price of a job.  When additional work is required, we can incur substantial additional graphics time.  Examples of this: extensive scanning; cleaning and re-working of vector files in order to improve text and images; multiple requests for layout variations or changes; adjusting and improving photos; etc.  We must charge additionally for this.  Additional art charges vary from $25.00 to $100.00 and are stated separately when we issue a quotation, or receive additional requests for layout changes.


How to Request a Quote

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