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The Screen Print Process is used for spot color (up to three colors) .

Screening ink is passed through a screen mesh one color at a time. The ink is laid on the surface of the substrate (cloth, vinyl, fabric), and is heat-cured for stability.

Note that  traditional screen printing  will not achieve photographic color,
especially full digital color.

Consider these methods if you require numerous colors or photographic quality:
Dye-Sublimation or Digital Direct Printing
or Disbursed Dye Screening.


  • Traditional  method to make multiple units of custom made flags &
  • Various fabrics can be printed on including nylon, satin, polyester
    , tyvek, etc.

Traditional screening usually results in the image appearing on the
 front  side with minimal penetration unlessthe material is light

Disbursed dye-screening allows for complete dye penetration of the fabric,
resulting in a double sided screen print.

It is especially important that artwork be provided in the appropriate form
when producing screen-printed flags and banners.  We suggest that you
consult our section on Preparing Artwork & Files to see our requirements
for submission of digital files.

This is an example of round screened seals that were then sewn onto a nylon tri-color background.


Nylon flag printed using the
 traditional Screen print method.


Our Suggestion

If your seal is round, have your seal screen printed and added to a sewn nylon flag.

Common Flag Sizes (in feet)

2 x 3

2 1/2 x 4

3 x 5

4 x 6


Banner Sizes
Up to 8 feet long with a maximum height of 4 feet.

Screen printed, disbursed dye-screened, and acid-dyed flags &
banners are priced by square feet, number of colors, percentage of
coverage, whether single-side or double-side, and options chosen.


For quantity at a
minimum price, consider:
Disbursed Dye-Screening or Conventional Silk-Screen Printing.

Conventional Screening Sample Pricing

These  are sample prices: The actual design must be quoted.
These samples include two colors, single-side print only.
On light fabrics, color will penetrate to back side.
On dark fabrics, no penetration will occur.


6 units 12 units 25 units

2' x 3'

$90 each $72 each $46 each
2 1/2' x 4' $94 each $82 each $48 each
3' x 5' $115 each $102 each $62 each
4' x 6' $130 each $120 each $74 each

Disbursed Dye-Screening Sample Pricing

These  are sample prices: The actual design must be quoted.
Sample prices includes two colors, single-side print only.
Generally, color penetrates to back side.


6 units 12 units 25 units

2' x 3'

$119 each $59 each $37 each
2 1/2' x 4' $145 each $73 each $47 each
3' x 5' $161 each $80 each $53 each
4' x 6' $196 each $98 each $72 each

Additional charges for set-up and artwork may apply in most cases.

Cost-effective method of producing quantities
of flags or banners!


Screen Printed Banners- Traditional Screen Print Method
(Single color prints on different color nylon backgrounds)


Single-Side Flag - Traditional Screen Print Method

Single-Side Banner - Traditional Screen Print Method

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