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Printed Theme  24"x54"
Vinyl Avenue Light-Pole Banners
 Special Heavy Duty 14 oz Vinyl
for Strength and Color Brilliance
Double-side for maximum visibility!

Purchase Stock Designs
or Customize Stock Designs

Many of the designs shown below 
are available for
immediate online purchase

at our
Internet Flag Store!

Six banners as low as  $78.00 ea.

Stock Designs Available
Seasonal     Themed     Geometric
Sale     Message      Bracket Systems

Method #3 Max-Color Solvent Ink on Gloss Vinyl



  • Templates
  • Customized Available
  • Color Options
  • Add Name Options
  • Max-Color Solvent Ink for Color Brilliance
  • 16-14 oz. Vinyl
  • Double-side = 2 Separate Prints Back to Back

Special Size
24" x 54"
Double-side stock design banners at our e-Store.
Six banners as low as   $72.00 ea.

Color choice options.
Add Name option.

Additional volume discounts available.

Our SOLJET banners are printed using the most innovative, heat-assisted large-format printers available today. These banners are printed with Max-Color solvent ink on special heavy-duty 14 oz. gloss vinyl. These heavy-duty durable banners are made with 3" pole sleeves on top and bottom and hemmed sides.  The front and the back of the banners are composed of  two separate sheets
of vinyl which are placed back-to-back and hemmed together,
resulting in two layers of 14 oz. vinyl, a total of 28 oz. per banner.

Size: 24" x 54"
with 3" pole hems on top and bottom and
leather tabs to facilitate mounting

Each banner design can  be viewed as a template that can be changed to reflect your specific company or organization. 
The templates can be customized for a small additional cost. 

You can substitute your name, identifiers, and tagline for our sample copy.

We have produced small sample bannerettes as templates for the larger avenue banners.  You can view photos of these samples on the solvent ink page.

See below for information about avenue pole brackets.

All images are copyright 2002-2009 Arista Flag Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Many of these  stock design items are available for
immediate online purchase on our e- Flag Store!

Examples of stock and customized designs.



















Many of these stock design items are available for
immediate online purchase

 at our
Internet Flag Store!

or     Customize.
Choose one of our designs, and add custom elements. Or, if you have your own design concept, submit your specific layout for a quote.
Pricing for your custom design avenue banner
is very similar to pricing shown for our stock designs.

Examples of stock and customized designs.

US Flag Stars and Bars Banners can be purchased at our e-Store


Many of these items are available for
immediate online purchase on our

Internet  Flag Store!

Examples of stock and customized designs.







Many of these items are available for
immediate online purchase on our

 Flag Store!


Many of these items are available for
immediate online purchase on our Internet Flag Store!

Examples of stock and customized designs.

These banners are printed double-side.  The images below represent the front side image on the left and the back side image on the right.





Color Options: for both WELCOME and WELCOME CENTER banners.

Add Name Option: For WELCOME banners. (Maximum of 12 characters in horizontal color bar.)

WELCOME and WELCOME CENTER banners can be purchased at our e-Store.

Also see our general section on
Avenue Light-Pole Banners
 (Follow the above link for more information and method choices.)

Or additional avenue banner series
Sewn Nylon
Color Series Avenue Light-Pole Banners

Gloss Vinyl
Avenue Light-Pole  Banners

(Follow the above links for more information
 on that specific method and access to placing an order.)

Bracket Systems

These deluxe aluminum avenue pole brackets are perfect for displaying street banners.  Brackets are available with single or double aluminum arms with caps.  These systems are available in both single and double banner displays. Mounting units include stainless steel strap bands with threaded tightening assembly.  A 24" length banner arm is appropriate for use with a 24" Soljet Avenue Light-Pole Banner.

U-Bolts for square poles available as a substitute for steel bands. Available in 4", 5" and 6" sizes.

Additional Avenue Pole Bracket Information and Pricing

How to Request a Quote

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